Over time, this resource will provide a number of useful tools to help you practice Integrated Collaborative Design. Please check here often for the latest developments.


By adopting each of the three Integrated Collaborative Design (ICD) principles in turn an organisation can:

Use design process modelling to understand design information flows and allocate design tasks between organisations appropriately;

Building on its process models by establishing supply networks to group together organisations of known technical competency, so that design responsibilities can be allocated among them; and

Integrate the processes of organisations within the supply network to build a value system

To help organisations understand the extent to which these principles have become established within them, the ICD handbook provides an ICD Maturity Assessment. This structured review helps organisations identify the presence of characteristics of ideal ICD practice and, therefore, their currently maturity. The insights gained by the ICD Maturity Assessment should be used to inform an organisation's strategic development.

A proforma for this assessment is provided. Although this can be used if isolation, organisations considering its use should ensure that they fully understand the principles of ICD, as described in the Design Chains Handbook. Further assistance can be obtained from the Design Chains authors.

Click here to download the assessment proforma.